Past/Current Projects



Public Utilities Mapping for Mappia, France: Mar 2019 – Continue

Drawing public utilities by first Georeferencing the scanned image first and then vectorized this scan in proper layers.


Finalize BIM layers on drawing for GExpertise, France: May 2016 – June 2017

Having done a project which finalizes drawings by creating different layers to make it ready for BIM processing for GExpertise, France


Indoor Venues Digital Maps for Internet Giants (Names Confidential): Sep 2011 – Nov 2015

Made project on indoor venues digitization to generate general digital maps for internet giants help them provide indoor navigation.


Plan de Synthèse de Réseaux (Utility Mapping) for Sogelink: Apr 2015 – Sep 2015

Made Utilities Network Mapping project named as “Plan de Synthèse de Réseaux” which uses the base map on which network is georeferenced and then digitized to have projected utility network map. The tool was online and production was made at an online site without much fuss.


Pavements Collection on Road Survey for Fugro Roadware, Canada: Sep 2012 – Jan 2013

Made Road Condition Inventory Collection Project using road video survey for Fugro roadware, which provide their own Software along with surveyed videos to make a digital inventory of Pavement Condition


French Cadastral/Parcel Mapping for different French departments Jan 2006 – May 2017

Manage Cadastral parcel digitization for different French departments to build parcel database in order to help them in tax calculation. The process includes Digitization, Georeferencing, Assemblage of Sections.


Pakistan GPS Map with Addresses, POI, Roads and Rivers: Jan 10 – July 11.

Have GPS Map of Pakistan which was created for different companies with complete Roads coverage all over Pakistan along with Rivers and POIs. Addresses of Main Cities were also made.


Parcel Indexing & Sketching for Yotta MVS, Inc USA (Now Tyler Tech): May 12 – Feb 13.

Made Property Appraisal project on Miami-Dade County which includes Parcel document indexing and then Sketching using the online tool “WebSketch” provided for calculation of tax.


OCR and Data Entry for Tél and Com, France: Aug 2008 – Dec 2008

Made project on OCR of Tél and Com forms which contain telecommunication contracts and then fill the Database to have digital records of contracts.


Photogrammetry for GEO2000, France Mar 2006 – Sep 2006

Worked on a Photogrammetry project for GEO2000 which by using Aerial Images to convert in 3D using triangulation and draw building boundaries & roof with height using restitution.


Assets Collection on Road Survey for Yotta, UK: May 2011 – Jun 2012

Made Road Assets Inventory Collection Project using road assets video survey for Yotta UK, which provides their own Software “Nano” along with surveyed videos to make a digital inventory of Road Assets.


Lahore Rapid Mass Transit (LRMT) Rail project Station Design with Systra Aug 2007 – Oct 2007

Help Systra (French Company) for drawing Station Designs maps on AutoCAD with design standards defined by Systra for Lahore Rapid Mass Transit project. Later this project was dropped by next Punjab Government in 2008.