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GIS Data Services

HS Bro. Solutions offer Batch vectorization of survey maps that maybe of Cadastral, Digitization of urban development and zoning plans (zoning, networks, planning regulations), Photogrammetric restitution, Resetting and continuous assembly of GIS Data maps to ensure a geographic continuum, Updates of plans, maps, and central survey data, Production and deployment of GIS applications, GIS Analysis, 3D soft plotting (restitution), Topographic surveys, GIS Data conversion and hosting of interactive cartography solutions. HS Bro. Solutions is a primary source of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data of downloadable data and map services.

Geo Localized Maps (Indoor/Outdoor Maps) and Data

We have already around 4000 Indoor\Outdoor Maps made which are ready to be converted to any required format or to do any customization. Below are categories of Localized Geo database data sets, online maps available at HS Bro. Solutions®, we can also provide customized data according to requirement. HS Bro. Solutions creates a map that displays the geographic location of a user or device on a Google map.
-Indoor Database of Major Shopping Malls:
- Indoor Database of Major Airports
- Indoor Arenas
- Worldwide Database of cell phone antennas.
- GIS Mapping

Cadastral Mapping

Having done millions of cadastral plots for different French departments for years, we are expert in cadastral mapping HS Bro. Solutions provide cadastral mapping, online mapping for creation of cadastral maps from hard\scanned copies of the administrative maps with specific details of each plot, roads, etc. These cadastral mapping service provide all-inclusive solutions to land information system problems by focusing on various forms of land records. Cadastral mapping is the only means of providing accurate, legitimate, comprehensive, precise, and readily available records of information regarding legal land.

Here is the flow of process:
- Scanning of hard copy maps or received scanned images of maps
- Digitization of the maps using proper layer structure
- Geo-referencing the individual maps
- Merging all the individual maps to a single map

Utility Mapping

Having a great experience of Public Utility Mapping which includes Gas, Sewerage, Electric, Telephone, Water underground utility mapping etc. Utility map shows the positioning and identification of buried pipes and cables beneath the ground. The procedure involves detecting.

This may involve the process of:
- Scanning of hard copy maps or received scanned images of maps
- Digitization of the maps using proper layer structure
- Geo-referencing the individual maps
- Merging all the individual maps to a single map

Web Development

HS Bro. Solutions web development experts take an elegant approach to web development. Our experts develop strategies to move from scratch to end product. We pride ourselves on having experienced web development professionals. We work together to develop your website in a way not only to rank high on the google results pages but also to truly deliver the simplest possible experience to your users. We have a team of experienced front and backend developers. They have expertise in developing fast and robust web development solutions for your digital presence. Web development services are used to design, build, support, and evolve all types of web-based software. With 20 years in web development,

We promise you that our team upholds the highest standards in the web development field. Our expert team will develop a highly responsive website as a result maximum conversion on your website can be possible. HS Bro. Solutions offer a good range of web coding, web development services having lucrative rates than competitors. Our developers create a site that allows act as an online portfolio website to showcase your services and products. We can assist you with any type of development you need. We are in this field since 2015 but we have an expert team with working experience of more than 10 years. Hire us and avail all kinds of web development services under one roof.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is different because businesses don't pay Google for traffic and clicks; rather, they earn a free spot in in the search. Our firm provides you one of the best SEO services everywhere and anywhere. SEO digital marketing will improve your ranking which in turn attract more audience to your website. As a result, audience will be converted to customers generating revenues and profits. Our team is dedicated and smart working and use latest techniques for SEO. Through our digital marketing skills your business will get boost and convert your business into success.

HS Bro. Solutions will apply all the rules and methodologies needed to rank top on google. Our team has diverse experience of working on business promotions as a result our company progress within no time. We have years of experience in our field and success stories of different brands that had and have been working with us as a brand ambassador of our brand.

GPS Navigation Maps

We have already made GPS Map of Pakistan which include all roads and POI while as some 400k addresses of 3 main cities (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad). So, the team is already experienced in doing navigation maps with accuracy. Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses. HS Bro. Solutions GPS, Navigation is the world's most downloaded Offline GPS navigation app, trusted by more than 200 million drivers. Offline 3D maps are stored on.

CAD Conversion

We offer CAD conversion, creating civil, architectural maps, drafting maps from raster images. Our experts have hands-on-experience of converting raw data in usable and editable CAD designs. They are skilled and trained to understand the nuances of drawings related to Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and more. HS Bro. Solutions deliver CAD output files in the format preferred by the client. Our team uses a wide range of CAD software’s with AutoCAD at the center of them all. We convert your CAD files online. Amongst many others.

This service includes:
- CAD Vectorization
- CAD Digitization
- Image to CAD Conversion
- Paper to CAD Conversion
- PDF to AutoCAD Conversion
- Raster to Vector Conversion

Data Entry

With the team who is well versed in entering data from any language documents. Data typing takes a common vocabulary of words to understand any document. Data entry activities must frequently be expedited because the recorded data is required for critical business operations - for example, preparing invoices and updating databases. The process of entering data is also time-consuming and requires attention to detail. Data entry is the input of data from various sources into a computer or system, often accomplished by a data entry clerk.

To help businesses meet these challenges, we provide following customized data entry services:
-Image Annotation Services
- Online Data Entry
- Real Estate Data Entry
- Image Data Entry
- Data Extraction
- Volume Data Entry
- Internet Research
- PDF/Image Conversion